Announcing a global release for Mazinger Z!

Announcing a global release for Mazinger Z!

The legend, the original super robot anime itself, is coming back to a theater near you!

The Mazinger Z film announcement commemoration event will be held at the Blue Stage at Anime Japan 2017 at Tokyo Big Site on Sunday, March 26, 2017.

First Visual & News Flash
While the frame features a similar silhouette to the original from 45 years ago, the precise detailing is more elaborate.


With a fifty year long career under his belt, Mazinger Z creator Go Nagai announces his project to the world!

“My beloved Mazinger Z is making a comeback. 45 years after its birth and 50 years since I started my career as a manga artist, this is truly a year to commemorate. I'm very glad that I'm able to bring Mazinger Z back. After all, it is beloved in different places all over the world. It's my sincere wish to bring this movie to the global audience with gratitude to all the fans who've supported Mazinger Z all over the world through the years. Now, onward to the global stage!”

International releases for each region to be announced at a later date.

Director : Jyunji Shimizu
Screenplay  : Takahiro Ozawa (Ume)
Mechanical Design : Takayuki Yanase
Character Design : Hiroya Iijima
Art Director : Makoto Ujiie (GREEN)
Associate Director  : Yo★Nakano

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