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A los consumidores y fans de Dragon Ball.

Nos enteramos de los planes de exhibir el episodio # 130 de nuestra serie Dragon Ball Super en estadios, plazas y lugares públicos en América Latina.

Toei Animation no autorizó estas exhibiciones públicas, no apoyamos ni patrocinamos ninguno de estos eventos. Ni Toei Animation ni nuestros títulos endosan o patrocinan a ninguna institución ni partido exhibiendo el episodio no autorizado.

En un esfuerzo por apoyar los derechos de autor y proteger el trabajo de miles de personas y muchos sectores laborales, les pedimos que por favor disfruten nuestros títulos en las plataformas y televisoras oficinales y que no apoyen exhibiciones ilegales que inciten la piratería.


Toei Animation Inc.

Official Announcement:

To the viewers and fans of Dragon Ball.

We have become aware of the plans to exhibit episode # 130 of our series Dragon Ball Super in stadiums, plazas, and public places throughout Latin America.

Toei Animation has not authorized these public showings and does not support or sponsor any of these events nor does Toei Animation or any of our titles endorse any institution exhibiting the unauthorized episode.

In an effort to support copyright laws, to protect the work of thousands of persons and many labor sectors, we request that you please enjoy our titles at the official platforms and broadcasters and not support illegal screenings that incite piracy.


Toei Animation Inc.


Please refer to the FAQ below before contacting Toei Animation:

  • What if I post a video on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or personal website with footage from one of Toei Animation’s works?

  • We hope you understand that any illegal or unauthorized use of our IP would result in the blocking or deletion of your video, whether it’s for monetary gain or not. We currently do not support any individual regardless of the number of followers and validations.
  • Can I send thoughts or opinions about animated works of Toei Animation?

  • We thank you for your opinions. However, we would like you to understand that it is difficult for us to reply to every e-mail because there are a lot of opinions we receive.
  • I have an idea for a new animation. Can I send it?

  • We do not accept any ideas about animated works. Even if you send it, we will discard the materials without considering or evaluating any content, and we will not assume any responsibility such as confidentiality obligations concerning the contents.
  • I want to use characters of Toei Animation on my web site.

  • We hope you understand that we do not give any permissions to use our character usage to any individual use or sale.
  • I found Toei Animation’s video was irregularly uploaded on internet. Isn’t it copyright infringement?

  • Your reports are greatly appreciated, however, we would like to refrain from replying on each issue. we take strict action against this issue.
  • About impressions and comments on the work

  • Thank you very much for your valuable comments and opinions on the work. Because we have received so many voices, it is very difficult to reply to everyone. Thank you for your understanding.
  • I want to send a project plan?

  • At our company, we have not accepted any idea suggestions from everyone. In the unlikely event that you send us anything, we will discard the materials without considering or evaluating any content, and we will not assume any responsibility such as confidentiality obligations concerning the contents.
  • I want to post a character image on my site (blog)

  • Permission to use images is not given to individuals. Thank you for your understanding.
  • I found prints without a copyright. Is it not a copyright infringement?

  • With regard to the information we've gathered from you, we will consider the correspondence at the department in charge, but we will refrain from replying. We deal with correspondence with experts and external organizations as necessary.
  • Is it possible to request using Toei Animation characters for creating our own products and selling them?

  • You can send in your requests, but we typically do not grant license to individuals who has no previous history of licensing business. We have many licensed partners in each region, please visit your local stores for any of our merchandising.
  • I want to get information about the date of events and its contents.

  • Upcoming event information and its content can be found on our homepage and news section.
  • I'd like to purchase products, DVDs?

  • We do not merchant products, DVDs, or merchandise out of our website.

Toei Animation Inc.
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